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Place: Aiken, SC

Start: 05:19 PM, 11/28/2014

End: 05:19 PM, 11/29/2014

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Dr. Eric Walsh says he felt ‘persecuted’ in Pasadena and Georgia for his conservative religious beliefs

"Former Pasadena Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walshsaid he felt “persecuted” for his religious views during the “fire storm” that erupted before he resigned from his post...  More

Adventist leader Dan Jackson confronts future challenges in American-born movement

"Nothing — not surviving a car wreck en route to his wedding, nor being a Seventh-day Adventist missionary, nor years in the pulpit — had prepared Dan Jackson for the challenge his daug...  More

Pasadena's medical director on leave after his Protestant sermons surface

"The Southern California city of Pasadena has suspended its public health director, Dr. Eric Walsh, while it investigates statements the Seventh-day Adventist lay preacher allegedly made in several...  More

Adventists celebrate pair of milestones

" It was definitely a week to celebrate for the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Cape Coral. On Thursday, the church celebrated the first anniversary of its community services center downtown. ...  More

LDS leaders meet with Seventh-day Adventist leaders

"Leaders of two religious groups that are committed to defending religious freedom and families met in Maryland last week. "On Thursday, 24 April, Mormon leaders Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Ronal...  More

Seventh-day Adventist Newspaper Ad Sparks Sunday Law Debate

"A two-page, center spread, newspaper advertisement that appeared in the San Francisco Examiner on Sunday, April 27, 2014, pages 12, 13, is stirring up a heated debate on the Biblical Sabbath. The...  More

Seventh-day Adventist faith forces Amber Morman to sit out

"Cleveland freshman post Amber Morman might have played her last basketball game of the season Monday evening, when the Lady Raiders lost to Walker Valley in the District 5-AAA consolation game. Sh...  More


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Adventist News Network


In Egypt, proposed law draft would classify Adventists as non-Christian

Adventist leaders to address matter with government officials on Sunday


In the U.S., ‘parsonage allowance’ upheld against challenge by atheist group

Federal Court overrules lower court decision that clergy tax-exempt housing allowance is unconsti...


Bahamas Prime Minister commends Adventist Church for health commitment

PM Christie asks Church to build wellness center


Remembrance: Boothby, 81, was a bulldog lawyer who defended Sabbath

Church-state litigator was first of his kind in Adventist Church


Adventist youth leaders asking local leaders to reserve March 21 as Global Youth Day

Third annual event asks youth to skip a sermon to ‘be the sermon’


New Zealander awarded $31,000 for Sabbath dismissal

Man had asked for Sabbaths off after returning to church of his childhood


Romanian officials offer strong support for religious liberty

Symposium on freedom of conscience highlights need for continued promotion

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Quick Sandwich Spread

This easy-to-make sandwich or snack spread will satisfy adults and children alike.

French Country Soup

Hearty and flavor filled vegetable soup with a French twist.

Marolyn's Tofutti Cream Cheese Ball

Try this festive dairy free "cheese ball" on crackers and raw veggies, or use your imagination!

Santa Fe Soup

Enjoy this hearty vegetarian soup chocked full of protein and fiber rich beans.

Fresh Vegetable Soup

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Basic Sesame Crackers

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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread

A different version of pumpkin bread that incorporates wheat flour with cornmeal.

Staying Young

Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” I fidgeted in the back seat while scenery of trees, fields and homes passed b...

A Time of Thanks

I wonder if there are any farmers who are atheists? Perhaps, yet I can’t imagine anyone who works...

Health by Habit

Every day when I sit down in the lunchroom at work, I invariably pull the same contents out of my...


Retirement is something we’ve dreamed about for decades, unfortunately it’s not always the “time-...

H2O: Bottled or Tap?

A recent study found bottled water does not necessarily contain fewer contaminants than tap water...

Walk the Dog

I have a confession. Despite being happily married to my wife for over 30 years, I have a red-hai...

Bible Says


Falling Down

Do you think you could fall out of an airplane without a parachute and survive? Vesna Vulovic, a ...


The Shepherd

Thunder rumbled across the high mountain valley, lightning flashed and rain pelted against the ca...


Do Not Bother Registry

"Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you," said Alexander Graham Bell. And sure enough...

No sermons will be recorded on 9/27/14 and 10/4/14 due to renovation work being done in the sanctuary. 9/26/14


Information about our radio station WASD-LP 101.9 FM going off the air can be read Here. 6/24/14


Our church was closed Sabbath 2/15/14 (no sermon recorded) due to loss of power caused by an ice storm. 2/16/14


An Adventist News Blog post section has been added to the menu on the left.  11/23/13


Our church was closed Sabbath 8/4/12 (no sermon recorded) so we could attend the first tri conference one day camp meeting in Augusta, GA. 8/4/12


Bible Prophecy Truth has been added to the menu item "Biblical Research Sites" 3/3/12


The streaming media channels have been consolidated under one menu item "Live Media" 8/12/11


(new) Another menu item has been added: ADTV (Amazing Discoveries TV). 7/3/11


(new) Another menu item has been added: The Adventist Channel.  Take a look. 1/14/11


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We have now updated images of our proposed new church building design which is currently being refined.  Click the "Updated Renderings of Our New Church Building" in the "News" section to the left or click here.


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