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Carson makes presidential bid official

"Carson, 63, made it official on Monday – he is running for president. The retired neurosurgeon – who is also an author and speaker – has created an exploratory committee to run f...  More

Captain Cook Man Charged in Church Arson

"A 52-year-old Captain Cook man has been charged with arson following a suspicious fire reported on Thursday morning (Feb. 26) at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Captain Cook.Detectives charged...  More

Mel Gibson to make Australian homecoming with Hacksaw Ridge

"He’s in talks to return for Hacksaw Ridge, a second world war drama about Desmond Doss, a devout Seventh-Day Adventist whose religion forbade him bearing arms and who became a conscientious ...  More

If Working Hours Are From Monday To Friday; Why Should Schools Fix Exams On Saturdays

"Also addressing some discriminatory acts by educational institutions in the country, the Former National Youth Organizer of the Convention People's Party (CPP), James Kwabena Bomfeh called on the ...  More

R&B star Brian McKnight is not new president at Oakwood University

"Apparently the satire brushed a little too close to reality when buzz began that R&B star Brian McKnight had been hired as the new president of Oakwood University in Huntsville. That buzz g...  More

Hawaii - Arson Suspected in Adventist Church Fire

"Big Island police want to question a man whose image was captured on a surveillance video at the scene of a suspicious fire. At 6:10 a.m. Thursday (February 26), Kona Patrol officers responded t...  More

Dr. Eric Walsh says he felt ‘persecuted’ in Pasadena and Georgia for his conservative religious beliefs

"Former Pasadena Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walshsaid he felt “persecuted” for his religious views during the “fire storm” that erupted before he resigned from his post...  More

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Adventist News Network

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A new networking association is formed for Christ’s “unusual ambassadors”

The World Adventist Public Officials Association (WAPOA) aims to connect Adventists around the wo...

Csm yugoslavia unity   credit rohann wellington greater new york conference 12c4972491

Six flag unity in San Antonio

Residents from the former Yugoslavia worshipped together during the 60th General Conference Session

Csm adventist wilson taylor san antonio sm bc350378e2

San Antonio Mayor Grateful for GC Session and 'Steps to Christ'

GC president thanks Mayor Ivy R. Taylor for the host city’s warm welcome.

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Wilson Calls for Unity in Adventist Mission

The GC president gives his first post-election sermon.

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FULL TEXT “Cross the Jordan. Don’t Retreat”

Ted N.C. Wilson's sermon from July 11, 2015

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GC President Says Ordination Vote Doesn’t Change Current Policy

NAD says it will continue to encourage women to serve in gospel ministry.

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Delegates Vote ‘No’ on Issue of Women’s Ordination

Church president appeals to members to unite in the church’s mission.

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Table of contents for the July 2015 issue.

Nature Versus Nurture

481556 naturevsnurture

Fitness level, blood sugar control and brain size. Do we inherit these things or can we change them? Darren Morton finds out.

On My Best Behaviour

481565 onmybestbehaviour

Nancy Canwell finds that when people become Christians, the things they always wanted to change in their lives but couldn’t—begin to change!

Slash Your Grocery Bill

482980 slashyourgrocerybill

With food prices rising higher and higher, Gordon Botting shares strategies to protect your wallet.

Healthy Recipes

Potato Soup

Potato aficionados will go ...

Split Pea Soup

Nothing is as filling and s...

Potato Kale Soup

A simple and nutritious sou...

No Bean Minestrone

For those who like the tast...

Quick and Tasty Vegetable Soup

What could be more warming ...

Whole Wheat Muffins

Basic recipe for whole whea...

Whole Wheat Buns

This is a wonderful additio...

Staying Young


Habitude, what is it? Most ...

Conduits of Health

“Dad,” my son complained, “...

Blue Christmas

Are you having trouble gett...

Imagine That

As a kid growing up with a ...

Holiday Safety

Up on the rooftop, hanging ...

A Balanced View

According to numerous local...

The Bible Says

072415what means these stones

What Mean These Stones?

Several shells lie in a dish in my home. Among them is a black stone. Visitors ask, “What is this...

072415way in wilderness

Way in the Wilderness

We stared down the trail at the sheer rock wall blocking us from following Calf Creek to the trai...

07242015 god shows up

When God Shows Up

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "He who does not see God in the next person he meets need look no furth...

On Sabbath, March 14, Celia Waller Boone will be speaking on "END IT NOW" abuse in our communities at the 11:00 hour with Celia wrapping it up with an afternoon music concert. 2/27/15


No sermons will be recorded on 9/27/14 and 10/4/14 due to renovation work being done in the sanctuary. 9/26/14


Information about our radio station WASD-LP 101.9 FM going off the air can be read Here. 6/24/14


Our church was closed Sabbath 2/15/14 (no sermon recorded) due to loss of power caused by an ice storm. 2/16/14


An Adventist News Blog post section has been added to the menu on the left.  11/23/13


Our church was closed Sabbath 8/4/12 (no sermon recorded) so we could attend the first tri conference one day camp meeting in Augusta, GA. 8/4/12


Bible Prophecy Truth has been added to the menu item "Biblical Research Sites" 3/3/12


The streaming media channels have been consolidated under one menu item "Live Media" 8/12/11


(new) Another menu item has been added: ADTV (Amazing Discoveries TV). 7/3/11


(new) Another menu item has been added: The Adventist Channel.  Take a look. 1/14/11


(new) A menu item has been added: the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, it is located under the "Biblical Research Sites" menu. 1/4/11


The five latest sermons are available on the homepage to the left, below the "Sabbath Time" section.  All of the available sermons are in the "Media Library" location,   click on the "Media Library" button at the top or click here.  Remember to click "more" at the bottom to see all of the available podcasts.


We have now updated images of our proposed new church building design which is currently being refined.  Click the "Updated Renderings of Our New Church Building" in the "News" section to the left or click here.


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