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Place: Aiken, SC

Start: 07:56 PM, 08/29/2014

End: 07:55 PM, 08/30/2014

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Adventist leader Dan Jackson confronts future challenges in American-born movement

"Nothing — not surviving a car wreck en route to his wedding, nor being a Seventh-day Adventist missionary, nor years in the pulpit — had prepared Dan Jackson for the challenge his daug...  More

Pasadena's medical director on leave after his Protestant sermons surface

"The Southern California city of Pasadena has suspended its public health director, Dr. Eric Walsh, while it investigates statements the Seventh-day Adventist lay preacher allegedly made in several...  More

Adventists celebrate pair of milestones

" It was definitely a week to celebrate for the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Cape Coral. On Thursday, the church celebrated the first anniversary of its community services center downtown. ...  More

LDS leaders meet with Seventh-day Adventist leaders

"Leaders of two religious groups that are committed to defending religious freedom and families met in Maryland last week. "On Thursday, 24 April, Mormon leaders Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Ronal...  More

Seventh-day Adventist Newspaper Ad Sparks Sunday Law Debate

"A two-page, center spread, newspaper advertisement that appeared in the San Francisco Examiner on Sunday, April 27, 2014, pages 12, 13, is stirring up a heated debate on the Biblical Sabbath. The...  More

Seventh-day Adventist faith forces Amber Morman to sit out

"Cleveland freshman post Amber Morman might have played her last basketball game of the season Monday evening, when the Lady Raiders lost to Walker Valley in the District 5-AAA consolation game. Sh...  More

Residents flee as Seventh Day Adventist Church is destroyed by fire which threatened to spread to nearby homes in Northview Drive, Westcliff

"A CHURCH was gutted and homes had to be evacuated after a huge fire hit Westcliff on Monday morning. Firefighters were called to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, in Northview Drive, at about 4.1...  More


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Adventist News Network


Adventist Church files amicus brief for workplace religious freedom case at top U.S. court

Church hopes Supreme Court will take case of Muslim girl who was denied job


Adventist Church appoints Reece, Williams honorary Health Ministries leaders

Maryland's medical school dean, Harvard public health professor to promote Church’s evidence-base...


Adventist Church sponsors its first religious liberty festival in Britain

2,000 attend the ‘Free to Worship’ festival


Wilson urges all Adventists to reaffirm stance on Creation

Conference votes statement affirming Bible's 'reliable account' of recent literal Creation


Andrews theologians approve statement on headship

Statement emphasizes equality of men and women as members of the body of Christ


In Venezuela, Adventists participate in city-wide impact in capital city

Initiative is second annual community service event


Australians vote Weet-Bix most trusted breakfast food

Nationally-recognized brand produced by Adventist Sanitarium company

Healthy Recipes

Corn Chowder

Looking for a low fat version of corn chowder? Look no further. This version is also dairy-free.

Traditional Italian Soup

A savory and light soup that will delight the taste buds. Short prep time makes this a good eveni...

Stuffed Mushrooms

Served either as a delicious appetizer or as a special snack, you can't go wrong with this recipe...

Seven Layer Dip

Every layer of this dip is delicious and you get to eat every one of them!

Garden Pita Pizza

Here's a wonderful and flavorful Mediterranean inspired appetizer that can be made either vegan o...

Papaya Bread

Looking for something different to bring to that bake sale or for the family? Try this unique pap...

Oatmeal-Wheat Germ Crackers

Wonderful crackers to make for a healthful snack, to go with soup or whatever...

Staying Young

Green-Eyed Monsters?

Because I’m well past retirement age, people think that work-related problems don’t affect me. Ho...

On Eagle’s Wings

I placed the last piece of luggage in the rental car and walked back to our cabin. My footsteps e...

Walk, Run, Fly!

I hate waiting. I find it difficult sitting at stop lights that seem to be broken. I’m tempted to...

Touch of Faith

According to Jewish tradition, she was suffering from a humiliating disease. She was considered “...

Temptations of Age

“When I hit 72, ”my friend confessed, “I thought I had finally gone beyond the age of temptation....

Give God the Broom!

Today, I found a ton of stuff as I swept the cracks and crevices of my house. I do light sweeping...

Bible Says



Bridges fascinate me. Their strength and purpose intrigue me. Bridges seem to tell their story as...


Reverse the Curse

My wife makes incredible granola! She could actually sell the stuff and make a ton of money! She ...


Where Is the Fire?

As I sat in church, I had a million different thoughts bouncing around in my head. “Did I forget ...

Information about our radio station WASD-LP 101.9 FM going off the air can be read Here. 6/24/14

Our church was closed Sabbath 2/15/14 (no sermon recorded) due to loss of power caused by an ice storm. 2/16/14


An Adventist News Blog post section has been added to the menu on the left.  11/23/13


Our church was closed Sabbath 8/4/12 (no sermon recorded) so we could attend the first tri conference one day camp meeting in Augusta, GA. 8/4/12


Bible Prophecy Truth has been added to the menu item "Biblical Research Sites" 3/3/12


The streaming media channels have been consolidated under one menu item "Live Media" 8/12/11


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